Welcome To Carpe Diem and Beyond

Well we finally have one place where we can all get together and abuse (sorry I mean chat together) each other from time to time.

Carpe Diem 2 is now heading into its eighth season and has moved along quite well to here but we are reaching a point where stagnation can become an issue.

With this in mind I will be passing some thoughts to you as to how we move forward. Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts. I do not have the moritorium on great ideas

This is brand new website so I will be adding menus and other stuff but the new season is approaching and we need to get season eight underway.

I am fairly sure after years of soccermanager.com there is not much likelihood of a totally new concept so I shall take this moment to recognise the work done by Ashtini and Noisy (were there others – if so sorry I missed you) in RC1, 2 and 3 and BenC with FFP. I have borrowed some of the concepts from the latest versions of these GW’s as a basis to what we have conceived.

In addition my partners in crime in formulating this concept have been (using their forum names):-

  • Pedrooliveria – for his advice and assistance in getting the right clubs to help maintain the income stream.
  • Huddo – for his support and constant cheek
  • Paul Smut for wise advice and ideas
  • Cookiemonster – for being able to look outside the box and find small problems
  • SirRahul – for encouragement and advice along the way
  • Cameron Lucas and Gozzy for their involvement in keeping it all on the straight and narrow

Good luck to you all and thanks for the support over seven seasons.

14 thoughts on “Welcome To Carpe Diem and Beyond

  1. i like the set up Gordon, we have to take our hats off for you. You’ve spent a lot of time on this GW and also building this website .. its brilliant and its definitely the best GW I am involved in.

    P.S I think I should be given a mention for stirring up emotions on the news feed lol

  2. I like the idea of most of the rules, the one that is a bit limiting for me is the the limit of one 96 player in each team, but 96+ players going to those that win the league – that would mean if James for example was to win the league again, he wouldn’t get the prize for it as he would already have a 96+ player

    1. Actually he could sell a lesser player to get the 96. The fact is once the highest rated players are in a squad they will never see the light of day again.

  3. oi, stop perving an dont tell every sod eh 😉 :p


    11 hours ago
    I got none ,zip,zilch over 91 , 3 at 90 likely to drop , 10 at 89 , 1 88, 2 87, 4 86 an 27 mill to spent basically two players ..plus this team has had 6 random events of those I’ve lost 1 from random, 5 from my own over spending fault (more the transfer out took longer than the in coming)

    my thinking only here: unless those 90 an up are available the sets coming to a close ! unless someone has any ideas how or why (more random events for those 90+ players) I’m buggered if I know the answer

  4. Hi

    I’m a bit worried, we have 2 days to sell players.

    I also, once I get my prize pick, will have 6 x 93+ players, having to limit these to 4 sucks balls. I wasn’t around prior to 92 Level, and such my team has zero decent young players, so I’ve been forced to invest in the best players I could get.

    Assuming I quickly sell 2 93s, then there is literally no one to replace them above 87/88 unless I buy rubbish.

    So, not totally keen on the limit of 93+

    I can understand a limit on 95+ to share the wealth of hyper-players, but no anything below that
    (Other than I agree with a cap on 15 x 90+ players)

    1. Thanks for your thoughts mate….will see what the responses are and let you know what we will finally do.

      You MUST NOT sell players before the season chnges or you will not be allowed to add the money to the budget for season 8.

  5. 15 players is the sets overall avg …using the 90+ rated (managed)

    gaffer …true, a lot of TL luck is required 😛 .. an our Team is not to flash hot in that department (luck)

  6. I’m actually 100% happy with the new rules suggested. At Newcastle I joined after the 92s were gone, and we were bottom of the league and with one of the weaker squads. I missed out on all the 93s because I didn’t bid high enough. The following season I went all out and managed to grab 1 94 rated. But have always thought I’ll really struggle to be competitive because of the lower prize money for clubs in the bottom half (plus the fact that clubs in the top half have been able, and will continue to be able, to grab more high rated players each season. I’ll only be able to afford to bid on 1 95, and whether I get them will be down to luck (half of them are over my budget anyway). Reviews are slow, and in 1 season it’s difficult to generate the extra funds that would enable me to really compete.

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