Season 8 Wrap

Well, Season 8 has reached its climax and for sure the plaudits have to go to James and Club America for a great recovery. I am fairly sure he is the only one to break the jinx that has befallen previous league winners.

So now we move across to season 9 and see where we go from here.

As many of you will have realised, we have reached a point where there are not really any more players to buy at higher levels so I am now working on two plans.

  1. Keep Carpe Diem 2 interesting for those playing it
  2. Design Carpe Diem 3 based on a similar format but hopefully one that will have more longevity. How to do that…that is the question

First let’s address Carpe Diem 2 moving into season 9. Next Season is proposed as follows:

  • There will be no budgets from now forward. All clubs are allowed to spend as much as they want however some squad limits will remain.
  • Players rated 96 and above will not be eligible for purchase
  • Squads will be increased from 30 to 35
  • Squads will be limited to 5 Players rated 93 or above
  • Squads will be limited to 13 Players rated 91 or above (Sorry if you are superstitious).
  • Squads must consist of 15 players that are 23 years of age or younger (working on the U23 level used by most International competitions now).
  • Squads will need to be correct by the start of the first game of the season. Excess players will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • If during a season a players rating changes and they cause one of these limits to be broken, the manager must immediately nominate a player for sale and NOT PLAY THEM until they are sold. The nominated player may be sold for the best fee obtainable but MUST be sold within 7 days of the date of nomination even if the only bid is external.
  • If a player ages so that the team breaks the age grouping rules an older player must be nominated for sale and NOT allowed to play. They must be sold to the first available external bid.

Now I realise that policing some of this will be tricky for me so it is important we have managers being as attentive as possible.

Moving to Carpe Diem 3 – I am starting work on this as we speak. I believe we will use the same 16 clubs because the original work done to try to get 16 with similar income streams from their crowds etc was really fantastic.

Basically, this is the way I am thinking.

  • To start we will all have empty squads and a player rating limit of 82. This will rise by season, but the amount of money available for budgets will be lower
  • Squads will be limited to 35 players max – 21 minimum
  • Ten of these players must be rated 75 or below and this number will raise when the max rating limit does. So if the max rating limit becomes 85, the lower limit will rise to 78
  • Starting budget will be 50 Mill
  • Economy set to rich to start. Let’s see how cash reserves increase with this in place and adjust accordingly if required.
  • Trading on a cash and trade basis
  • No age limit restrictions until the player rating rises
  • Season CASH Budgets awarded for league position and will be based on what is awarded by SM plus a small amount. You may use players as part of a trade deal but cannot spend more actual CASH than your budget allocation. You can sell players for cash and add that to your budget but I expect that available cash will be slim given there will be no reserve…you will have to build your own.
  • There will be random events.

OK…Now add your thoughts. I have added a contact form on this page which will send to my email address. Fill it out and I can add your thoughts to the mix before coming up with the final rules set.

I really hope you all stick with me for the new world. If not I understand.

Please don’t forget we are already looking for at least one new manager fo CD2 so I can pull out of PSG. That person could also take the spare spot in the new GW.

Look forward to your comments ant thoughts.


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