Rules For Season 8 and Beyond

Rules for Season 8

  1. Players rated 96 and above will not be available to anyone until they drop to 95 level
  2. The gameworld will be reduced to the lowest level economy.
  3. Transfer budgets will cease to exist so there will be no prizes awarded after this season unless we work something else into the system.
  4. Random events will be held weekly and the number of major events will be increased so expect to lose players.
  5. Squads will be 30 Max You have to round 7 to get them into gear unless you hit a TB issue in which case we can talk about it. IF THERE IS A SPECIFIC ISSUE PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT THE TART OF THE SEASON!.
  6. A minimum of 10 players will need to be aged 21 or younger at the start of the season and this number must be maintained ALL season. If one of them becomes 22 a younger player must be brought into the squad. NOTE: SQUAD LEVEL OF 30 STILL APPLIES.
  7. You also need to remember you must sell before you buy.
  8. Limits will be placed on the number of players of certain ratings in each squad. These will be as follows:
  • PLayers aged 21 or below must have a minumum of 10 at all times
  • Player rating of 92+ a maximum of 10 – this includes the higher ratings
  1. 9. If a player increases in rating during a season the following rules will apply:
  • Player rated 91 or lower rising to 92+. Good luck to you and no change to the squad but the maximum of 10 must be reinstated for the following season.
  • Player 21 and under becomeing 22 years of age. A new player must be brought into the squad who is 21 or under. You must have room under the 30 squad cap to bring them in so you must sell first if the squad is full.