Random Event Rules

Random events are something we have developed that keep a bit of excitement in the league and also add to the transfer possibilites in a season.

We have missed a couple of Random Events so far this season as we got sorted with the new rules but I am about to start. We have prepared a new list of possibilites in hich the number of Major Events has increased. The list is now 25 not 20 and there are  2 Reward selections, 5 Major events, 8 Medium, 9 Minor. What this means is:

Rewards – bonus 10 Mill on the budget for the current season
Major – A player will leave your club
Medium – A player will be supended for four league matches and everything else while they are suspended.
Minor – A player will miss the next league game

For those who have not been involved or are unclear how it works, every copuple of rounds we will have a random selection for a RANDOM EVENT. It is done like this:

  1. Go to Random.org to randomly select all numbers
  2. First select a club for the event by asking random.org to elect a number between one and 16. The list is below.
  3. Then ask random.org to select a number between 1 and 25 to find out what the event is. The list is below.
  4. If there is a need to select a player at this point the selection will be made by asking random.org to select a number between 1 and 18 which will be related to the plaing squad from the previous game. If the number selected is a goalkeeper the selection will be made again as they are too hard to replace in this game.
  5. A player selected to leave the club cannot play following his selection and must be sold immediately.
  6. If no one buys the player once the transfer ban finishes you can rebuy the player but if another club bids you must withdraw your bid.
  7. The money gained from the sale on a player leaving by this method is added back into the budget and can be used to buy a replacement.
  8. The player can be sold to another club but you cannot hold on to them. Once placed on the transfer list you must accept an external bid if that is all you have.

Good Luck All

  1. Feyenoord
  2. Flamengo
  3. Mochengladbach
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Ajax
  6. Internationale
  7. Hanover
  8. Atletico Madrid
  9. Celtic
  10. Liverpool
  11. Stuttgart
  12. Olympique Marseilles
  13. Schalke
  14. AC Milan
  15. Sunderland
  16. Arsenal
  17. Newcastle
  18. Manchester City
  19. West Ham
  20. Tottenham Hotspur

1. Major
2. Minor
3. Medium
4. Minor
5. Major
6. Minor
7. Medium
8. Minor
9. Reward
10. Major
11. Medium
12. Minor
13. Medium
14. Minor
15. Major
16. Minor
17. Medium
18. Minor
19. Medium
20. Major
21. Reward
22. Medium
23. Minor
24. Medium
25. Major