CD3 Rule Breaches


Arsenal’s recent successful bid for Luan Candido has taken the club over the 40 MILL budget allocation for this season. Unfortunately, new manager Damian has made an early mistake since taking over and, while I do not like to penalise managers harshly for a slip, the fact that another manager has lost out on this potentially good player after being overbid and also with regard to the importance of the structure of this GW in obeying the rules, a penalty must be applied.

In making this ruling I understand that this was an honest error by Damian and he is most remorseful in his approach.

SO…taking all things into consideration including the current rating of the player etc, the following ruling is made:

1. Luan Candido MUST NOT be selected to play for Arsenal under any circumstances and he must be sold immediately his transfer ban expires. The player must be sold at Current Value at the time of the sale.

2. Borussia Monchengladbach must be offered the first opportunity to buy the player as they were the team that were beaten by the illegal bid.

3. Arsenal will have a 10% penalty applied to their budget for season 2 of this GW.

4. Arsenal may not buy another player until total expenditure including sales is back down below 40 MILL.

5, The money incoming from the sale of Candido CAN BE applied to the budget of the season in which the player is sold.

Players under suspension for budget breaks:

These players may not play for their clubs and must be sold as soo as transfer bans are lifted.

Budget Changes from free players:

Because some managers did not have the minimum 21 players by the start of the season they were given players by the chairman. This amount is not deducted from their cash on hand. Therefore those clubs must have their budgets reduced to compensate. The reductions also include a penalty for failing to get their squads in place and causing me extra work 😛

The following clubs now have the following amounts to spend for season one.

Hanover: 35 Mill
Ajax: 0 Mill
Atletico: 11 Mill
Shalke: 30 Mill