Points Table

POINTS TABLES. Bonus points are calculated as follows: League points minus your final position &: League winners 10%Runners Up        6%3rd                       4%4th                       2%Relegated clubs -5% Division 2- Maximum 55 points.  Cups –Winners             10%    Runners Up       7%         Semi Finalists   4%   Newcastle              91.2  pointsMan City                 76.7Sunderland            73.14Flamengo               61.2Marseille                59.8AC Milan                59Inter                        58.3Hanover                 48A.Madrid                46.8West Ham              43Stuttgart                36Spurs                      […]

Random Event Club List

Schalke Arsenal Tottenham West Ham Internazionale Atletico Hanover Ajax Man City Liverpool Celtic Sunderland AC Milian Monchengladbach Newcastle Flamengo Feyenoord Marseille Stuttgart E Frankfurt Reward/Penalty List 1. Major2. Medium3. Minor4. Medium5. Minor6. Medium7. Minor8. Major9. Reward10. Major11. Medium12. Major13. Reward14. Minor15. Medium16. Minor17. Medium18. Minor19. Medium20. Major Basically:A Minor problem means a player will be […]

Carpe Diem Three Club List

Last Updated 6 Jan 2019   Schalke 61.7 – Pumpkin Arsenal 60.0 – Rob Swift Tottenham 59.8 – Caio Cesar West Ham 58.0 – James Graham Internazionale 57.9 – Huddo Atletico 57.4 – Liam Brodrick Hanover 55.8 Ajax 55.6 – Patty Man City 54.7 Liverpool 54.6 – Gordon Gaffer Celtic 54.6 – Phil Cook Sunderland […]

Carpe Diem 3

Carpe Diem 3  – Rules We start with four empty divisions where we start in Div One and the other three fill up. Managed Teams are listed below. All are of similar income levels Starting Squad Size – 30 Max – 21 Minimum Starting Age Limit – no one 31 and over which enables searching […]

Adjustment to Rules for Season 8

It is my humble opinion that unless we make some drastic changes the GW will stagnate from this season on. I am trying to recommend changes to the rules that will help prevent this and maintain some trading as players values drop and rise and managers can plan to pick up strong younger players to […]