Carpe Diem 3

Carpe Diem 3  – Rules

  1. We start with four empty divisions where we start in Div One and the other three fill up.
  2. Managed Teams are listed below. All are of similar income levels
  3. Starting Squad Size – 30 Max – 21 Minimum
  4. Starting Age Limit – no one 31 and over which enables searching 15 – 30 without worrying about picking a wrong age because they were on a search list.
  5. Starting rating – 83 rated maximum.
    1. Season Two Maximum rating will rise to 85
    2. Season Three Maximum rating will rise to 86
    3. Season Four Maximum To Be Advised at the end of season one
  6. Starting Budget – All clubs will start with 60 Mill each in the kitty but only a 40 Mill budget for the first season. The object of the game is not only to get a great team together but actually do it in a way that would raise money for your club for seasons to come.
  7. Players can only be bought with Cash. If you have 30 players you must sell before you buy. Severe penalties will apply
  8. A budget for each season would be done at the end of the previous season dependent upon finishing position with bonuses for Cup Wins. Budgets will not be large and it may be that you will need to watch wages and spending in order to have enough money in the bank to have that budget to spend. Budgets will also be plus sales and unspent budget will not flow into the next season.
  9. You must NEVER spend over your budget. Severe penalties will apply
  10. The winners of Division One (managed teams) will receive the benefit of being able to buy a player rated one spot higher than the rating limit for the coming season.
  11. We will fine-tune it as we go with regard to budgets and player rating levels, introducing junior player minimum numbers etc.
  12. Obviously, these rules require the co-operation of all managers. We will be looking for reliable, quality managers interested in staying the course.
  13. any questions send me an email at

Schalke 61.7 – Pumpkin  FR
Arsenal 60.0 – Rob Swift FR
Tottenham 59.8 – Caio Cesar FR
West Ham 58.0 – James Graham  FR
Internazionale 57.9 – Huddo FR
Atletico 57.4 – Liam Brodrick FR
Hanover 55.8 – Hosein Eltimimi FR
Ajax 55.6 – Patty FR
Man City 54.7 – Dhruv Patel FR
Liverpool 54.6 – Gordon Gaffer
Celtic 54.6 – Phil Cook FR
Sunderland 54.3 – Andrew Shearer
AC Milian 53.1 – Paul Smut FR
Monchengladbach 52.3 – Rich Owen
Newcastle 51.7 – Vag Pap FR
Flamengo 51.7 – Kev Wright FR
Feyenoord 51.2 – Stewart Henry  FR
Marseille 51.2 – Thanadarian FR
Stuttgart 51.1 – Tom Porter FR
E Frankfurt 50.8 – Aleks P@3 – FR

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