Adjustment to Rules for Season 8

It is my humble opinion that unless we make some drastic changes the GW will stagnate from this season on. I am trying to recommend changes to the rules that will help prevent this and maintain some trading as players values drop and rise and managers can plan to pick up strong younger players to replace the old guys but there might be a small rebuild phase.


The figures below are (I HOPE) self explanatory in relation to squad sizes and player ratings. You may note that with a couple of aberrations…there is a direct relationship between the position finished last season (POS7) and the number of higher rated players. Frankfurt and (to some extent Feyenoord) have punched above their weight. Cologne could have done slightly better and Berlin (OOPS!)



In addition to these figures there are currently:
17 players rated 91 not curently owned by our managers
68 players rated 90 not currently owned by our managers

The players rated in this area are not the issue.


Therefore I would suggest the following revamp for season 8

1. I will revert to my original theory that players rated 96+ will remain unavailable. Club America will have first choice of a 95 rated player at PV. Cup Winners will get a 95 rated player at PV.

2. Ajax – as runner up – will lose their pick of a 95 rated player. Sorry dude. But you do already have one.

3. Squad sizes will be REDUCED to 30 players.

4. Squads must contain at least 10 players aged 21 and under. This must be maintained for the season and if a player goes to 22 (Happy birthday to them) then another younger player must be added to the squad. Squad limits will apply.

5. The total number of players rated 92+ will be limited to 10. This includes ALL players rated 92+.

6. This leaves 10 players rated 91 or less for each squad and there are plenty available.

7. These squad limitss must be in place by round 7 of next season but you MUST SELL BEFORE YOU BUY.

Comments please chaps….

6 thoughts on “Adjustment to Rules for Season 8

  1. my pick is EDEN HAZARD, I am happy with the new rules .. going to be tough for managers to let go top players but everyone is in the same boat.

    it will make things very interesting and I agree that it will shake the GW up.

  2. Slightly confused on one thing, is there a limit on 95 rated players?

    Can you make it a bit clearer on that? It’s 10 U21s, 10 92+, with a limit of 4 93-94s, is there a limit on the 95s/96s etc?

    1. Barca. . . I see no reason if we are restricting from 92+ not from 90 as previously mentioned that we could not leave it without a limit on the higher ratings. At least it will mean that clubs will have to make a 92 available to keep it at ten. Let me know your thoughts please? If we do put a limit on it I would make it 5 players 93+ total.

  3. Well, maybe adding anything more right now will just overcomplicate things. After a season or two we can revisit if needed i guess.

    So let me get it right, the squad regulations are 10 U21s, 10 92+ and well the rest would be filled by 91 and under

    If that’s it I’d say it’s a decent shot for now, and in another season or 2 we can look at making more changes if necessary. Making too many complicated changes right now mightn’t be the best idea.

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